07 December 2018

Deep Clean Your Wheels at Mira Mesa

Whether you off-road or have just come back from a long road trip, it’s important to make sure your car is taken care of when you arrive home. If you have noticed that your wheels have a lot of dirt or mud on them, the first thing you should do is swing by Mira Mesa Auto Spa. We’re the go-to car wash in San Diego because our prices are affordable and we have an array of services available. This includes our wheel cleaning service, which is one of our most popular offerings. The details of this include:

1. Wheel Cleaning

In addition to cleaning the outside of your car we’ll tackle the wheels with special attention to detail. This includes hand scrubbing and the use of gentle yet effective brushes that get all the grime off of them.

2. Tire Dressing

By dressing your tires with a special rubber protectant, you’ll have more than just shine underneath your ride; you’ll have safer tires. We use the best protectants on the market and apply them professionally to ensure the best results.

3. Final Dry

We had dry your car after the exterior and tires have been washed to ensure there are no water spots left behind. You’ll love the way your car looks when we’re finished and your wheels will look brand new again!