23 January 2018

Services Offered at Mira Mesa Auto Spa

Keeping your car clean doesn’t have to feel like a burden or impossible task when you have help from our professionals at Mira Mesa Auto Spa. In fact, we offer every service out there to help keep both the exterior and interior of your car or truck sparkling clean! You can learn more about these services below:

This is best for cars that have stuck-on dirt and a lot of dust that is impacting the overall appearance. It’s also great for cars that are messy on the interior and need some help getting cleaned up. With this, we clean the exterior (including the wheels and windows) as well as the interior (including the floors and seats). We can also add on extra services, such as a hand dry finish, air freshener, wax, or triple foam conditioner.
In a hurry? We have you covered! With this wash you can breeze through our high quality car washing machine to remove dirt and finish with a spot-free rinse and power air dry. If you want something extra, you can choose hand drying, conditioners, wheel cleaners and clear coat protectant.
If you want the most luxurious clean that will address every nook and cranny in your vehicle, detailing is highly recommended. We’ll clean every square inch of the inside and outside of your car with this service, including the vents and cup holders. Leave the work to us and we’ll make your ride look like new again!