20 December 2018

Your Gift Guide to Someone with a Beautiful Car

Do you know someone who has a brand new car or who simply takes great pride in keeping their car looking great? If so, Mira Mesa Auto Spa has a few suggestions for gift ideas! With these, your recipient won’t be disappointed and will remember you every time they see their clean car.


Detailing is a service many people don’t treat themselves to enough, although it’s well worth it. Whether you choose express or full detailing, it’s a gift that will leave your loved one’s car looking like new again. They’ll never forget the thought that went into this!


For someone who washes their car often, our monthly membership is a great option. It offers unlimited monthly washes so they can visit as frequently as they’d like!

Car Vacuuming

For the person who always seems to have a mess in their car’s interior, car vacuuming is a great gift idea. This will get rid of all the garbage and leave the floors sparkling clean after they’ve been meticulously vacuumed. When paired with a car wash, this leaves cars looking beautiful again.

Whether you have a family member or friend who loves having clean car, they will appreciate any of these gift ideas. What’s even better is that we have affordable prices so you can always rely on us for car wash services in San Diego!