Car Wash Testimonials

Real Customer Stories

Are you looking for real customer stories? Read our client testimonials below to understand how customers have come to rely on us for our car wash services.

“I have been coming here for almost two years now. I live right down the street, so I come here at least 3-4 times a week!

For someone just looking to get a quick wash and vacuum interior, you can’t beat $5. That is your basic car wash. Of course they have add-ons if you want the wheels cleaned, or a special wax. But again, $5 seriously a good deal for a full service car wash.

I however, pay $25 a month for unlimited car washes! This is by far the best deal. They don’t advertise this special anymore, you have to ask for it. Once you apply for it, you will receive a card in the mail with your name on it.

Aside from the unbeatable prices, customer service is always friendly and consistent. They have seen me come throughout the years and know my standards. I recently side swiped my car against a concrete pillar (watch out, Asian lady on the road!). Took it to get a car wash, joked with all the guys about what happened. They took their time and totally amazed me! Peep the pictures! I was pretty impressed. They didn’t have to do that for me, but they did!

I would recommend this place to everyone!”

Victoria N., Yelp

“Fast, clean and great service. I like to get in and out and it’s only $5. Best part of them all it beat my work.”

Bean T. Yelp

“This was the best carwash I have ever got for 13 bucks! Fast and clean result! Good job”

Mohammad R., Yelp

“My first time here and so impressed!! They did a very good job. I will be a regular customer and highly recommend Mira mesa auto spa. Thank you guys!”

IDori E., Yelp

“These guys are the best and most hardworking car washers I know.

To Management: great job hiring these guys but I’d like to tip them and I can’t when I pay with a credit card. Can you find something, an app or pay machine, that allows us to tip with credit card? That would be great.

Thanks! My car is sparkling clean.”

Sylvia R., Yelp