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At Mira Mesa Auto Spa, we are proud to offer a wide variety of car wash services. From express washes you can drive through to premier car detailing, we do it all—and more. Learn more about our services below.

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Want a car wash unlike another? Our self service car washes will completely transform your vehicle—inside and out. Learn more here

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Wheel Blast Wash

Don’t have the time for a self service wash? Not a problem! Stop by and drive off our lot in your freshly washed vehicle in just minutes!

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Car Vacuuming

No matter if you’ve just come from the beach or the dunes, our car vacuuming services will have your interior looking like new in no time.


Get the Most Out of Your Car Wash

At Mira Mesa Auto Spa, it is our mission to get your car shining like new. Our customers have come to rely on our car wash in San Diego to get their vehicles in tip-top shape. The current, disheveled appearance of your exterior and interior of your car will be quickly rejuvenated.

While many think that frequent car washes are a luxury, there are many reasons why having your car washed is an absolute necessity. Below are just a few of the benefits that you can experience by having your car washed and cleaned consistently.

1. Enhanced Image

Your car is an investment, so be proud of it. By having your car washed frequently and consistently, you are not only showing that you care about your investment, but also allowing it to always be seen in its best light.

Your guests will appreciate that you keep your car tidy and clean and will always want to be seen in the passenger’s seat.

With the simple act of driving through an express car wash or, for those times when your car needs a little more love, having a team detail your interior, this can completely change the image of your car. You can feel proud driving any car when it looks, feels, and drives better.

2. Lower Maintenance & Less Repairs

When you have our car consistently cared for, there are less chances of major problems and damages. Fleet operators and vehicles owners agree that a clean car means lower costs. Even the simplest car wash will can improve performance, eliminate costly repairs, and brighten your financial picture.

When you have your car consistently cleaned, there will be less chances of rust and corrosion build up, saving you from very costly repairs.

3. Higher Resale Value

This can also ensure that your resale value stays as high as possible. Cars that are not frequently cared for are easy to spot, and therefore, make it hard to sell for a decent price.

Putting your car through the car wash a few times will not mask the neglect it has faced over the years. All someone will have to do is peek inside and see that either your leather seats are cracking, your dash has faded, or there are countless stains on upholstered seating.

Having both the exterior and interior of your car consistently cleaned will result in a higher resale value that can help you purchase an even better vehicle in the future.

4. Longer Vehicle Life

When your car site with dirt caked on the exterior, it can shorten its life. This causes and concealed corrosion on metal elements of your vehicle. This is often a problem that cannot be reversed.

Leaving your car dirty for an extended period of time can allow the exterior paint, and other elements to deteriorate and shorten the vehicle’s overall lifespan. By simply washing your car once a month, or more, you will be able to extend your vehicle’s life. A simple car wash can allow you to save yourself and your savings from having to have your car repainted and the damaged elements repaired.

5. Improved Safety

When your windshield has dirt and grime caked on for an extended period of time, it can hinder your safety. While operating any vehicle can put you at risk, when you neglect to clean your windshield, you are putting yourself at even more risk.

With dirty windshields, you do not have maximum visibility to see while driving. When dirt and other debris is left on your windshield, it can start wearing down on its integrity. When light shines on your dirty windshield, the glare can be cast over the entire windshield, making your safety and visibility extremely poor.

With a simple, monthly car wash, you will be able to increase your visibility and ensure that you never compromise your safety in any way while driving.

6. Lower Levels of Stress

When your car is cluttered, it can cause additional stress and even drain you of energy—even drain you of your hard earned money. By having a clean car interior, you can lower your levels of stress, knowing that your car is free of clutter and other messes.

Pet owners and parents can attest to this problem. Pets and children often leave messes that can cause additional stress in your life. Let a team of professionals tackle your messes with express or full service car detailing to ensure that you can live a less stressful life.

Why Choose Mira Mesa Auto Spa?

At Mira Mesa car wash, we take the time to understand your needs. No matter if you’re looking for something basic or complex, our team of car wash specialists is here to meet all of your needs, quickly.

We have a wide array of car wash services that can be customized to ensure your vehicle is cleaned the way you prefer. Are your headlights are in need of some extra TLC? Maybe your wheels are no longer shining as they once did? No matter what you need, we can tackle it. Stop asking yourself, “Where’s the best car wash near me?” and come down to Mira Mesa Auto Spa today.

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