Automatic Car Wash

Enjoy the Convenience of Our Automatic Car Washes

At Mira Mesa Car Wash, we are proud to offer fast and convenient automatic car washes. In just minutes, you can drive away in a clean, shiny, and dry vehicle. We pride ourselves in a fast, high quality full service car wash, using superior products and state of the art super power drying system.

What to Expect From Our Automatic Car Wash

When you drive on our lot, chances are, you’ll see a crowd around our popular automatic car wash. We totally get that you don’t have the time to sit through a normal car wash.

When you utilize our automatic car wash, you’ll be able to get in and drive off the lot in cleaned car in just minutes. After driving through our state of the art machine, your service will be completed with a prompt hand dry to ensure a streak free finish.

If you’re looking for something a little more, don’t worry, we have that too! We have a series of hand car wash services that can ensure a deep clean for your vehicle.

Why Choose Our Automatic Car Wash

At Mira Mesa Auto Spa, we have been the most relied upon car wash in the San Diego area since 1992. Our team truly values your business and it is our highest priority to serve you with complete satisfaction. We take the utmost care of your investment, using years of expertise to deliver you the best results. To get one of the best car washes in San Diego, we invite you to drive onto our lot today!

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