mira mesa car wash
20 September 2018

Cheap Car Washes in San Diego

In San Diego, the price of almost everything can be higher than anticipated. After a while, this can mean having to skip services that you truly enjoy to make life easier. At Mira Mesa Auto Spa, we don’t want car washes to be one of these services. That’s why we offer cheap car washes in San Diego for locals who want to keep their cars clean for an affordable price! Whether you have an SUV or something smaller, our team will wash it for a price that won’t dig into your savings.

You can even choose which kind of wash you receive, based on your budget at the time of your visit. If you want a deeper clean, then go ahead and go for our full service wash. If you don’t have a lot of time, then go for our express wash. No matter what you choose, your car is going to look great by the time we are finished cleaning it. If you have a more generous budget, then we would recommend occasionally having detailing done to keep the inside looking like new.

Our prices for each of our services is always affordable because we know how important it is to stay on budget. In addition to this, we also have car wash specials in San Diego to further help save our clients money. You can even sign up for a membership so your individual car wash price is the lowest possible! Come see us and explore what affordable car wash options you can experience.