The neighborhood of Miramar is located in the northern part of San Diego and proudly boasts quite a few businesses that employ many people in the San Diego area. Whether you work here, live here, or both, driving is an essential part of getting around. How many miles do you log per day? If you’re like most, then you’re in the car for at least an hour per day running errands or just getting to and from work.

With so much driving, it’s easy to see how your car can begin to feel like a second home. Unfortunately, this can mean food wrappers on the floor boards, the occasional fry hidden in between your seat, and a lot of dirt built up on the outside of the vehicle. If you’re looking to refresh your car, then regular cleaning can help considerably. At Mira Mesa Auto Spa, this is what we specialize in. Detailing, full washes, and express washes are some of our most popular service for those who live and work in Miramar.

You can come to us before work, after work, or even on your lunch break for a quick yet effective clean! You can even leave the car with our team to let them detail for an extended amount of time. If you’re looking for a car wash in the San Diego area that does great work for affordable prices, you’ve found it.

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