Sorrento Valley

Located in San Diego, Sorrento Valley is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the state. One of the best parts about it is the proximity to Downtown San Diego, which makes it easy to get to all of the fun activities, delicious restaurants, and exciting bars that are in the city. Don’t forget the beautiful weather makes it easy to enjoy the sandy beaches that are just minutes away from the area. With so much to do, it’s easy to see how you could end up spending a lot of time in your car. Over time, this can result in a lot of dust, dirt, and debris building up both outside and inside of your vehicle.

If you don’t have time to constantly clean your car when you’d rather be going out, then roll over to Mira Mesa Auto Spa. We’ll quickly yet effectively wash your car from the inside to the outside so you no longer have to worry about driving in a messy ride. We can even help you if you’re in a worry with our express car wash service. This is one of our most popular services for those who live in areas near Sorrento Valley, because so many customers just don’t have a lot of time to take out of their schedule.

If you haven’t been to our facility, give it a try! We can help with express washes as well as detailing, interior cleaning, waxing, and vacuuming. You won’t be disappointing when you work with us.

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