25 March 2019

What Type of Detail Service Do You Need?

At Mira Mesa Auto Spa, we’re proud to offer different choices for our customers when it comes to detailing. To help you identify which is right for you, ask yourself the questions below. With the answers, you’ll see whether you need a deep detail or something more simple. We’re glad to help!

1. Is My Interior a Mess?

If you have a huge mess on the inside of your car, beyond just garbage, then a deep cleaning may be the best option. With this service, you’ll have complete shampooing of the inside of your vehicle versus only the floors being shampooed.

2. Does Your Car Need Conditioned?

With basic detailing service, you can have the interior conditioned as you would like. With deep detailing service, you will receiving conditioning for both the interior and exterior of your car. Depending on the condition of your ride, one may be a better option than the other.

3. Do You Want Special Attention to the Exterior?

If you have a new car or special paint, then deep detailing services will ensure your ride receives the best service possible. While our basic service is still awesome, we do offer more coatings for the more comprehensive option.

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