11 May 2018

When Should You Have Detailing Services Done?

You use your car almost every day of the year, which can leave it quite messy. While you likely clean it and wash it on occasion, have you noticed it has lost the “new car” appearance it once had? At Mira Mesa Auto Spa, we understand and want to help. Our detailing services are actually designed to give you the experience of having a new car, all without actually buying one.

Is it the right time for you to have detailing done? Below are a few signs that this service is right for you right now.

– There’s a Strange Smell

Is there a strange smell that you just can’t get out? When you come to us for detailing, we’ll take care of it. From cleaning and conditioning your seats to vacuuming and dusting every inch, there’s no way any bad smell can be left behind. In fact, we will leave it smelling fresh and clean so you look forward to driving anywhere you go.

– You Can’t Kick the Dirt

If you just can’t get rid of dirt in the corner of the dash or on the floor, we are here to help get rid of it. We have special cleaning tools that go into every nook and cranny to eliminate food spills, dirt, and anything else that might be on the floors.

– You’re About to Sell

Whether you’re selling or trading in, a clean car is essential. At Mira Mesa, we want to make sure you get top dollar out of your vehicle. This is why we encourage you to have detailing done, as it’s incredibly thorough and will make your car look great.

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