17 October 2018

For Those Who Commute: Solutions for a Clean Car

At Mira Mesa Auto Spa, we know it can be difficult to maintain a clean car if you have a long commute every day. To help, we have a few solutions that can make it much easier to keep your ride looking great. You can find these solutions below!

1. Include a Trash Can

Do you find that trash builds up in your vehicle over time? If so, an interior trash can is a great solution. Those that are designed specifically for vehicles can fit inside the cup holders and even in the back console for easy storage when you need it the most. With one of these, you’ll have no worries that trash will find its way to your floors any longer.

2. Bi-Weekly Cleaning

Bi-weekly car cleaning in San Diego is a great way to keep your car looking like new. This is a great investment even for someone who commutes for hours every week, as it can get rid of the dirt that can build up over time. What’s even better is that regular washes can keep your paint looking healthy so your car has a better resale value in the future.

3. Interior Care

Do you notice that your car’s interior begins to look worn over time? One of the best ways to combat this, especially if you’re in your car for long periods of time, is to care for the interior. While you can do this yourself by spot cleaning stains and removing garbage, you can also benefit from detailing a couple of times per year. This will refresh the overall interior and help get rid of those dirt and dust particles that can deteriorate your ride.