24 October 2018

Road Trip Essentials: A Good Car Wash

When you’re ready to hit the open road to go on a trip near or far, there are many things you have to get in order to prepare for the day. However, one detail that’s often overlooked is how clean the car is. Since the car is likely to get messy with food, drinks, and dirt over the course of the trip, washing is something you shouldn’t put on the backburner. At Mira Mesa Auto Spa, we can help you prepare.

Exterior Wash

The outside of your car can be impacted by your trip, especially if you’re traveling to an area with mud, dirt, or snow. By washing ahead of time, you’ll protect your coat of paint and can do a full inspection of the condition of your car ahead of time. In addition to this, a good wash can remove stuck-on dirt or mud that could prevent your vehicle from functioning properly.

Interior Cleaning

One of the best reasons to have interior cleaning before you go is because it will ensure safety. In addition to having a clear space by your feet, you’ll also have a clean window and console so you can drive safely for long periods of time. At Mira Mesa, we offer deep interior cleaning that can tackle dirt and trash so you can relax knowing your car is in good shape?

Ready to get going? Stop by and visit our facility! We can offer deep detailing or basic cleaning services to meet your needs.