20 December 2018

Advantages of a Membership at Mira Mesa Auto Spa

Memberships for our facility are some of our most popular special gifts. If this is something you’re considering for yourself or to give someone else, below you’ll find some of the benefits of doing so.

1. Unlimited

you know that you can come in for unlimited washes when you have a membership with us? This means you save time, you save money, and you don’t have to plan out your washes according to pay day. It’s one of the most convenient ways to keep your car looking new.

2. Savings

When you have a membership with us, you’ll save money on the cost of each wash when you come in frequently. If you use car washes often because you drive a lot, perhaps for a car share service, this is a way to save quite a bit of money at the end of the month.

3. Clean Car

When you wash your car regularly, this can help keep the paint looking fresh and new. In fact, this can even help improve the condition of the exterior parts so you have fewer problems with maintenance in the future. If you need a membership or just want a great experience having your car washed, then come in and visit us; you won’t be disappointed.