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Mini Detail vs Full Detail: Which is Right for You?
Mini Detail vs Full Detail: Which is Right for You?

If you're thinking about having your car detailed, you'll be glad to know that Mira Mesa Auto Spa has two options; mini and full. While both of these services are popular, one might be a better fit for you than another. So, which should you choose? Below you'll find the tips to help you decide. A Mini Detail is Right if.. - Cost is a Concern If you are on a budget but would still like a deeper clean inside of your car, then this is the option for you. It's more affordable than the full detail but still offers a beautiful clean that will leave your car looking great. You won't be disappointed! - You Don't Have a Lot of Time Detailing can take time, especially when it's done right. If you're on a time crunch, the mini detail will be the better option. It will take less time but it will still tackle all of the important parts of your car to make sure it looks like new again. A Full Detail is Right if.. - You Need a Deep Clean A deep clean is a great idea if you're going to sell your car or just have a lot of dirt, dust and trash inside. This will address the cup holders, dash, under the seats, outside of the car, the vents, and everything in between! - Cost and Time Aren't a Concern If you don't mind spending the time or money to have detailing done, you'll find it's worth it. This is especially true since it's an occasional treat that can help keep your car looking like new for longer.

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